So the Holiday’s have came and gone and we are all settled back into the “Normal” work routine. If your looking for something to perk up the moral of the employee’s or a special treat other then gas station pizza look no further as we have some gourmet popcorn and cotton candy options to fit into your budget.

5×12” bag of any sprinkle on or caramel/cinnamon flavor $1.10/bag 

8×15” bag $2.50 on kettle, cheese, white cheddar, jalapeno cheese, dill pickle. (50% off retail)

8×15” bags $5 on cinnamon or caramel (50% off retail)

8×15” bags $7 on choc covered flavors (30% off retail)

12×12” cotton candy $2.50 which is half off. Cherry Berry/Blue Raspberry/Green Apple/Grape (50%off retail)

Minimum Order for Delivery within 45 mins of King City $150 –
Free pickup at the barn on all orders

To setup your order e-mail or call/text 660-483-0355