It’s not really what we set out to do but with COVID rules ect some groups are unable to fund raise yet still need to raise money for Teams, Projects, future events ect so we came up with this idea to help bridge that gap.

All items listed as “free” shipping as free shipping sells better then calculated at checkout shipping.

20% of gross sales to the group.

$40 for 4-3# bags of kernels. Multiple choices $40 group $8

4 bags of cotton candy 12×12 for $25 group makes $5

3 Medium bags 8×15” of popped gourmet popcorn limited choices $35 group makes $7

Usps shipping All the group does it share a special link created just for their group. Sample link below.

We will create a special link for your group once we setup a fundraiser. Payment to your group would be a few days after all orders are in and totaled on an agreed upon date.

To setup your online fundrasier with us please email or call/text 660-483-0355