Our farm is Located 7.5 Miles Northwest of King City. We have a market garden where we grow popcorn, pumpkins, sweet corn, and other produce as a project with our kids.

We also pop our home grown popcorn as kettle corn and other gourmet popcorn flavors. We work with organizations for co-op popcorn fundraisers where the groups make 40-50% of sales.

We have a storefront at our farm and have popped popcorn, assorted jellies, kernels, and frozen sweet corn for sale in our store.  

“From Our Farm To Your Table”


We work with groups year around to do gourmet popcorn fundraisers with.

At The Farm

We have a storefront in our barn at the farm that has all of our in season produce, frozen sweet corn, popcorn kernels, popped gourmet popcorn and jellies.

Ebay Shop

You can order our kernels of popcorn, popped gourmet popcorn and jellies right off ebay and shipped to your home.