We have in season produce from our farm in our storefront in the barn during the summer. We have our assortment of jellies, kernels, and pop gourmet popcorn at your request all year long. We also have frozen sweet corn in the freezer while supplies last on the cob as well as cut off the cob.
In the spring and winter we do several vendor fairs in our area and bring lots of freshly made popcorn and cotton candy as well as other goodies to munch on.
When weather permits we attend several festivals and events from spring to fall. We have our trailer setup to carry our popcorn popper and bring whatever fresh produce we have on the farm.
For the first time ever we purposely planted sunflowers in 2019. They were a hit with everyone and we offer cut sunflowers as well as a photo secession fee where photographers can use the sunflower patches for photo opportunities. We planted several plantings and will expand for 2020 to have more days with sunflowers in full boom.