Popcorn Fundraisers

We also do fundraisers with area groups and organizations where the group makes 40-50% per bag sold of our freshly popped gourmet popcorn. The groups we have worked with in the past have had great results as it is priced at an affordable value for small town patrons and the group makes a good profit per item. We have worked with church youth groups who have been able to send their kids to summer camp as well as kids ball teams who were raising money for equipment, uniforms, and tournament entry fee’s.

Another great thing about doing a gourmet popcorn fundraiser is that it is consumable and groups are able to do it year after year or even multiple times a year as the popcorn tends to get ate up rather quickly.   

Below are the order forms, cover letter, and excel file to total up orders for groups looking at doing a fundraiser with us. The groups typically sell for 2-3 weeks and then turn their order into me one week before delivery. This allows me to make sure we have enough toppings ordered in as we typically pop the order the day before and the day of delivery to get our customers extra fresh popcorn!

Cover Letter

Groups Farther away from home have been asking about delivery so we came up with this policy 1/3/2020 for an estimated delivery map.